(一)、Stargazer IPS module


Stargazer technology is based on infrared visual IPS technology. This is mature and low cost solution for mobile robot navigation. The key points are:

 • Direct output of X,Y & Direction data

 • High accuracy and High reliability

 • Anti environment vibration

 • Easy to deploy, no needs to change environment

 • Mature technology with years market proven


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        Stargazer is a great IPS choice for restaurant service robot, reception robot and AGV application. 


        Reference Video:


Stargazer Introduction

Ubot AGV with Stargazer



(二)、SIRIUS Monocular Vision-based SLAM IPS


SIRIUS technology is a kind of SLAM IPS technolgy based on large FOV camera. It uses upward looking camera, and major features listed as below:

 • Use Wide-angle camera to improve accuracy of SLAM

 • Various features used for recognition, such as corner, lamp...

 • Robust to illumination change

 • IMU integration to improve navigation efficiency

 • Low cost solution, better for vacuum clean robot, reception robot... 



        SIRIUS reference video


SIRIUS @ Home environment



          More Video。。。



(三)、Ultrasonic Sensor


HG-C40U Series Ultrasonic Sensor is real commercial product for mobile robot applicaiton of obstacle avoidance. Product feature as below:

 • ASIC integrated, reliable and stable measurement

 • Quality consistence between different batch product

 • Analog & digital output

 • Conventional 65beam angle and 180broad beam angle product combination, improve efficiency of obstacle detection and reduce detection blind area

 • 2cm~4m effective detection range



        Reference Video:








(四)、Ominwheel for Mobile Robot


Rotacaster supplies top tier commercialized omniwheel product for mobile robot application. This product provides excellent manoeuvrability for robots. Compared to Mecanum wheel, omniwheel is better for light/middle weight mobile platform application from the perspective of performance vs cost. The feature as below:

 • Smoother:Engineered to minimise roller play on axles, fully bushed rollers ensure smooth consistent motion

 • Tougher:Fully injection-moulded frame (no lost roller), engineering grade polymer structure(no stell inserts or pins), polyurethane roller for optimum durability

 • Faster:Optional softer rollers for greater traction and acceleration

 • Multiple hub choice, Lego X axle compatible hub

 • 48mm & 125mm standare type



        Reference Video:


Rotacaster Omniwheel demo


Rotacaster Omniwheel demo