(一)、PF400 Collaborative SCARA Robot


PF400 robot is the world first intrinsically safe SCARA robot. PF 400 will not injure users or equipment even if it collides with them at full speed. This eliminates the need for expensive safety shields and permits the robot to operate safely side by side with personnel. Due to its revolutionary combination of safety, capabilities and performance, the PF400 is currently being employed in environments where automation could never go before. The feature as below:

 • Real intrinsically safe, no needs for safety shield

 • Highly integrated, light weight

 • Good moving coverage, easy use for compact environment

 • Hand hold teaching

Brief specification as below:

 1. +/-90um repeatability

 2. 400mm Z Stroke (750mm/1600mm optional)

 3. 576mm standard reach (731mm optional)

 4. 1Kg Payload

 5. Max speed: 500mm/Sec with 500g payload

 6. Max Acceleration: 0.2G with 500g payload

 7. RS232/Ethernet/E stop input (additional I/O optional)

 8. Web based operator interface

 9. 20Kg weight @ standard config

10.Linear rail optiona available


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        Reference Video:


PF400 used for ECT

PF400 in-line use demo

PF400 safety demo

PF400 hand hold teaching

PF400 for lab automation

PF400 for lab automation




(二)、PAV P6 Desktop Collaborative Robot


PAV P6 Desktop Six Axis Robot is made by Precise Automation. The feature as below:

 • Real intrinsically safe, no needs for safety shield

 • Integrated controller

 • Small footprint, light weight

 • Hand hold teaching

 • PA vision and conveyor tracking

Brief Specification: 

 1. +/-20um repeatability

 2. 3Kg Payload

 3. Cycle time: 1 sec for standard 25mmX300mmX25mm cycle

 4. Max acceleration: 6000mm/sec2 with 2Kg payload

 5. RS232/Ethernet/Estop/digital I/O

 6. Pneumatic lines

 7. Web based operator interface

 8. 28Kg weight @ standar config



        Reference Video:


PAV P6 Demo



(三)、CR Series Cleanroom Robots for Pan-semiconductor


CR Series Wafer transfer robot is designed by Korea Cyborg Lab. It is used for wafer transfer, LCD glass transfer etc. Cyborg Lab has more than 15 years experience in the field of semiconductor related robot design. CR robot win market with its high reliability and high quality. The major feature of CR robot as below:

 • Modular design

 • 0.05mm repeatability 

 • Compact design, good for cleanroom application

 • Class One design

 • Customized design is possible


CR robot is used for wafer transfer, glass transfer, LED wafer transfer etc. In China, Sevenstar, Kingsemi, Sinyang are using this robot for their equipment.


        Regference Video:







(四)、Front-end Automation Module for Pan-semiconductor Equipment


We provides:

 • SMIF Pod Opener

 • SMIF Loader

 • FOUP Opener

 • EFEM & Sorter

 • Wafer Stocker System

 • Mask Transfer System

Customized design is possible.




(五)、Robot Based System Integration Solution


        We provide robot based system integration solution for electronic manufacturing, lab automation, etc. Pls contact us for details. 


        Reference Video:


AOI for mobile phone shell

Test of mobile phone screen